Semester: winter 2021/22
Lectures: Friday, 9:00, S3 (Petr Tůma)
  Friday, 12:20, S9 (consultations, primarily in English) (Lubomír BulejVojtěch Horký)
  Friday, 12:20, S9 (consultations, primarily in Czech) (Vojtěch HorkýLubomír Bulej)
Page in SIS: NSWI004
Grading: Graded credit


Assignment 04 (preemptive scheduler and synchronization) was published via MFF GitLab.

Assignment 03 (cooperative scheduler) was published via MFF GitLab.

Assignment 02 (kernel heap) was published via MFF GitLab.

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Assignment 01 was published via MFF GitLab.

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Behind every application software, there is an operating system. It is responsible for providing the applications with safe access to the computer hardware, and for implementing standard interfaces and abstractions such as files, windows, or processes. This course provides opportunity to learn about the operating system internals through interactive lectures and practical assignments, where the students implement their own working operating system kernel.


The course is structured around a combination of lectures with self study and project implementation. The self study instructions will come in the form of weekly batches of self study material and quizzes, which should prepare you for the lectures and gradually provide the background knowledge necessary for the project implementation. The project implementation is where you will learn by doing - initially alone, later in teams of three, you will implement your own operating system.

Announcements will be via e-mail (using the one you have in SIS). Course material will be distributed through individual repositories in MFF GitLab. The repositories are created for every enrolled student at the beginning of the course.

See the rules document for a detailed description of the point scoring system used for grading.


For common queries, simply create an issue in the Forum project. You may also want to subscribe to repository notifications to see issues created by other students. For subject matter where the issue mechanism is not suitable, use or contact either Petr Tůma, Vojtěch Horký or Lubomír Bulej directly.