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What is OmniGo 100 ?
OmniGo is Geos based palmtop produced by Hewlett-Packard Palmtops and Organizers. 
Basic information and property sheet you can find e.g. there. I don't want place detailed information here. You can find it on other places on the Web. (I only give you some links.) I would like to place on this page some interesting knowledges, experiences and local (Czech) informations about OmniGo. When I bought my Ogo, I found out that situation about palmtops was very bad in our country. The most popular palmtop in Czech republic is Psion 3a from Psion plc. Other devices are almost unknown. 
OmniGo 100, normal stance 
OmniGo 100, folded as a notepad 

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OmniGo 100, standing up on desktop