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A Versioning Model
for SOFA/DCUP Architecture

Jaroslav Gergic


The world of software development has rapidly changed in the last few years due to the adoption of component-based technologies. This process induces changes in the area of software configuration management (SCM). The classical SCM based on source code versioning is insufficient in the world where most components are distributed in binary form. This paper focuses on solving versioning issues in the SOFA/DCUP environment, however many ideas introduced in this thesis are applicable in other component-based environments. The paper incorporates the following versioning issues: component and type identification, component and type evolution, a component version description model and component retrieving based on the version description model. The paper also describes a prototype repository designed as a proof of concept.


Master Thesis text

Printable version (zipped PostScript, A4 formatted)

M-cube repository implementation

Installation instructions (online)

Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5 for Win32 (60-day trial)

Apache webserver 1.3.6 for Win32

PHP 3.0.11 for Win32 and PHP3 manual

M-cube distribution package

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Jaroslav Gergic